From our mosquito experts


From our mosquito experts

OFF!® Personal Repellent Facts

OFF! logoOFF!® personal insect repellent was developed and launched in the United States in 1957 under the leadership of 4th generation SC Johnson leader Sam Johnson. Today, the global portfolio of OFF!® personal repellents (in some markets, the SC Johnson personal repellents are sold under the Autan® brand) includes a variety of formats, including: creams, sprays, aerosols, lotions and wipes that can be applied directly on skin.

How Do OFF!® Personal Repellents Work?

The active ingredients in OFF!® skin applied personal repellents are DEET (N,N-diethyl-meta-toluamide) or picaridin (hydroxyethyl isobutyl piperidine carboxylate). Both active ingredients are effective in repelling mosquitoes and work by forming a vapor barrier at the skin’s surface that affects the scent receptors in these biting insects, which deters them from landing on and biting us.

OFF!® MilestonesOriginal OFF!

1957   OFF!® personal repellents in aerosol and liquid form launch in the U.S.

1962   OFF!® unveils its signature brand orange color   

1965   OFF!® expands internationally with a launch in Canada

1969   First personal repellent in a stick format is introducedSignature brand color

1973   OFF!® aerosol, called Skinguard®, launches in Japan

1974   OFF! Deep Woods® aerosol and lotion launch in the U.S.

1977   OFF!® Towelettes are introduced in the U.S.

1980s OFF!® is launched in South America and parts of EuropeDeep Woods OFF!

1982   New OFF! Deep Woods® offers long-lasting protection

1988   OFF!® is introduced in Egypt

1991   Skintastic® line of personal repellents for families is launchedSkintastic

1993   OFF!® is introduced in Australia

1994   OFF!® launches in Italy

OFF! Active and OFF! Smooth & Dry 2003   Global portfolio of pest control products is strengthened by acquisition of the Autan® brand

2004   OFF!® Kids launches in Brazil

2005   OFF! Active® and OFF! Deep Woods® Sportsmen are introduced

2007   OFF!® Smooth & Dry aerosol launches in the U.S. and Europe 

BrandSpark 2015 logo2008   OFF!® insect repellents are sold in more than 40 countries across the globe

2015   OFF!® is named “Most Trusted Bug Repellent” by BrandSpark*


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