From our mosquito experts


From our mosquito experts

Raid® Facts

Raid LogoFor six decades, SC Johnson has provided consumers around the world with effective solutions to protect their homes and families from bugs. Raid® House & Garden, the first non-wax product offered by SC Johnson, was introduced in 1956 by Sam Johnson, the company’s 4th generation leader. Since this product’s launch, the Raid® brand has grown to be a world’s leading pest control brand.

Original Raid

Raid® Milestones

1956    Raid® insecticides and SC Johnson’s Pest Control business are created

1957    Raid® House & Garden insect killer becomes the best-selling aerosol insecticide in the U.S.

1962    Raid® branded bug characters are introduced

1963    First water-based aerosol insecticide launches in the U.S.Original Raid bug

1966    Tagline “Raid® Kills Bugs Dead” launches a successful, long-running advertising campaign

1976     Raid® changes from a solvent to a water-based insecticide in Spain

1980s    Roach Traps introduced in the U.S.

1990s    Raid® Max Ant & Roach Killer is launched in the U.S.Raid Roach Traps

2000     New formula added to Raid® Ant & Roach Killer

2006    Raid® turns 50!

2007    Raid® Fast Kill Ant & Roach Lemon aRaid Lemon and Night & Daynd Raid® Night & Day™ are launched in Europe

2010     Raid® Automatic, an automatic insecticide dispenser, is introduced

2011     Raid Max® Bug Barrier is named “Product of the Year” in the insecticide category*   

2014     Raid® Defense System, a system that combines products and tips to help consumers battle bugs in their homes, launches in the U.S.

Raid Max Bug Barrier2015    Raid® bugs named among Advertising’s 10 Greatest Icons by the Museum of Broadcast Communication** 

2016    Raid® Bed Bug Detector & Trap is launched in the U.S.

Raid Bug

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* based on a TNS, a global market information and insight group, administered the survey to more than 60,000 consumers.